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Sustainable Energy

Advocating Renewable Energy

Grove Farm is a strong advocate of renewable energy and is committed to responsible management of the Kaua‘i’s natural resources. Working with various companies, we continue to promote the use of renewable energy for the island. Through strategic partnerships, Grove Farm hopes to advance the State of Hawaii’s goal of 100% renewable power by the year 2045 and Kaua’i’s ambitious goal to reach 100% well ahead of that target date.

Tesla Solar Power and Battery Storage

In 2016, Grove Farm and SolarCity worked out an agreement to build a 13-megawatt facility with the ability to store up to 52-megawatt hours of electricity. Sitting on 52 acres of former pastureland in Kapaia, the site discharges the battery power at night, easing the burden of burning diesel for about four hours. This was the first utility-scale facility in the nation to utilize battery storage for dispatchable power during the evening peak. This state-of-the art facility saves the island about 1.6 million gallons of fossil fuels annually.

Koloa Solar Array

A 12-megawatt solar array consisting of over 55,000 PV panels and owned by Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) is located on Grove Farm property. At optimum production, it produces nearly 6 percent of Kauai's energy needs, which reduces KIUC's oil consumption by 1.7 million gallons a year.

Hydro-Electric Power

Kauaʻi is fortunate to be home to Mount Waiʻaleʻale, one of the wettest spots on Earth. Millions of gallons of water run into the ocean each day with a small portion passing through hydro-electric power plants. There are five hydroelectric systems in place on the island of which two plants benefit through Grove Farm managed waterways. Hydro-electric power provides 7.5% of the island’s electricity needs and is the most cost-effective of all renewable energy sources.


The Kauaʻi Green Energy biomass plant sits on the edge of Grove Farm and Knudsen Trust lands and provides 12% of the island’s base power. It currently burns wood chips from the invasive and fragile albizia trees to create steam to power that moves a turbine. Eucalyptus trees are also being grown on Grove Farm’s lands to be the long-term biomass source for this renewable facility.

Other Sustainability Initiatives

Grove Farm's vision is to build a sustainable Kaua'i by being a leader in social entrepreneurship and island-enhancing activities while remaining deeply committed to preserving the island's cultural and historical linkages - whether it be through the preservation of historic sites, promoting alternative energy sources, supporting agriculture and food production, education and propagation of plants, encouraging a healthy lifestyle or protecting water sources.

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