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Puhi Park Produce

Supporting Local Agriculture

As our island community deals with the coronavirus concerns, Grove Farm brought together our island’s farmers and fishermen with you -- our community -- by offering fresh produce and fish at our Puhi Park Produce site.

Puhi Park Produce offers an alternative for residents to continue to get their locally grown fruits and vegetables while being more sustainable with our food. Most of their produce is harvested the day of or the day before!

Market Hours: Saturdays 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Market Rules

We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining adequate separation and recommend that you wear a protective facemask. We strongly discourage congregating to socialize.

Also, please refrain from handling the products, but rather, tell the vendor and/or point to what you want to purchase.

If we all follow these simple practices, you can get the freshest produce from our island’s farmers and fishermen.

Get To Know Your Vendors

Sakda Meephol
Visit Sakda and Usa Meephol for fresh seasonal fruits grown in Koloa and Mahaulepu. Sakda also farms in central Kauai and has a bountiful of fresh vegetables. This hardworking couple possess the heart and soul of a farmer. Read their story here.

Elmer Viernes

See a long line of customers – six feet apart – waiting to see Elmer and Ailyn? Here’s the reason! You will always find the freshest okra, bittermelon, eggplant, squash, pumpkin, cabatete, wingbeans, and even jicama, along with an assortment of seasonal fruit. Read Elmer’s story here.

Wirat Yothachai

Wirat Yothachai has been farming on Grove Farm lands in Lihue since 2012. Along side his wife, Noi, and their children, they have devoted their heart and soul to farming. Wirat offers a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, including mixed greens, kale, carrots, parsley, basil, bok choi, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, citrus, pineapple, and so much more!

Suthat "Dang" Promnonsri

Up before dawn and working to 10 or 11 o’clock at night, “Dang” and “Peet” Promnosri are hardworking farmers who will always greet you with a warm and enthusiastic smile. They have an assortment of fresh picked Thai papayas, cucumers, lemons, pineapple, mixed salad greens, kale -- just about everything you need! Read about Dang and Peet here.

Dean and Nicol Nonaka

Dean and Nicol Nonaka are 3rd generation farmers from Hanapēpē Valley. The Nonaka Farm has been operating since 1925 -- originally farming rice, cattle, and hogs. Now they cultivate cabbage, green onions, kale, daikon, radish, bok choi, sweet peppers, bananas, and eggplant. On occasion, they sell fresh fish and ornamental sunflowers.

Mike and Elsie Gregg

Thinking of starting starting a garden or adding to your landscape? See Mike and Elsie Gregg of Kaapuni Nursery from Kapahi – selling a variety of starter herbs and vegetables.

Bob Yasaka

Supphasit “Bob” Yasaka worked on his family’s rice and chili pepper farm in Thailand. In 2005, he came to work for Kauai Coffee. Bob started his own farm in 2012 in Grove Farm’s Lihuʻe lands and offers banana, papaya, tomato, cucumber, eggplant, basil, lettuce, pumpkin, squash, onion, cilantro and bok choy.

Taworn Panyamee

The Panyamee family has been farming for the last six years on Kauaʻi. Taworn spends most of his day at the farm, while his wife Preeda and daughter Beny sell the produce at markets around the island. They sell a variety of fruits and vegetables and delicious banana chips!

Adam and Christine Coyaso

Adam has been harvesting young and old coconuts around the island for about 10 years. You choose if you want to spoon out the meat yourself, or just drink the nutritious water – Adam will cut it right in front of you. Christine also bakes vegan and gluten free mochi donuts for an added tasty treat.

Leonida Ednilao

Leonida Ednilao has been raising tropical flowers and papaya with her husband for over 40 years. They farm on eight acres of Grove Farm Lihuʻe lands -- dedicating 4 acres to fruit and 4 acres to tropical flowers.

Miguel Chrisman and Jeff Adams

Stop by and visit with Miguel Chrisman and Jeff Adams who teamed up with multiple small businesses to sell products like Moloaʻa Bay Coffee, Theo ‘I Lady Chocolates, and Hā Coffee cold-brew concentrate. Hā Coffee Bar also offers a shared workspace environment for entrepreneurs and creatives.

Robin Fisher and Jenn Schad

Robin Fisher is the “Mother of Bees” and runs Kauaʻi Nectar Co. Jenn Schad helps sell Kauaʻi Nectar Co.’s as the “Honey Hustler.” They sell high-quality honey, bee pollen, and spreadable honey infused with a variety of flavors. They have seven apiaries from Princeville to Kalāheo.

Sawaeng See Akkhahad

Sawaeng and his wife will greet you with the warmest smiles. A farmer from Thailand, Sawaeng left his home to work on an Oahu farm in 2004. He found his way to Kaua’i in 2010 and now has his own farm in the Lihu’e farmlands. Visit Sawaeng to see his bountiful offering of vegetables.

Cody Kimura and Duke Alquiza

Duke Alquiza and Cody Kimura both grew up fishing around the island with their family. Eight years ago, Cody began his commercial fishing venture and hooks fish ranging from perch to akule to marlin. He also owns Go Blue Adventures, a Nā Pali Coast boat tour business. They are assisted by brothers Kalen, Tanner, and Kai Kimura.

Bunlai Saengma

The Saengma family has been farming in the Lihuʻe farmlands for three years. When Bunlai is busy on the farm, his wife Teerarat, along with his son Nathan and daughter Lemon sell their cilantro, green onions, mint, romaine lettuce, carrots, bok choy, kale, avocado, banana, cucumbers, and oranges.

Paul and Jude Huber

Paul Huber and wife, Jude, started Hole in the Mountain Farm in Moloaʻa and have been growing KauaʻiSugarloaf Pineapple for over 20 years. They have about 380,000 plants and ship their pineapples worldwide. They also sell Paulie’s Pineapple Phrosties, a frozen soft-serve made from 100% Kauaʻi Sugarloaf Pineapple.

Ursa Swift

Ursa is the owner of Midnight Bear Breads in Hanapēpē Town. She grew up in Vermont, where she learned the art of European-style breads. They have been selling breads and croissants for nine years. Popular items include multi-grain sourdough, French sourdough, mac nut cinnamon rolls, and rosemary sea salt baquettes. You may also preorder breads for pick-up by calling (808) 335-2893

Sakda "Pat" Thaksin

Sakda or “Pat” as he’s called, has been farming in the Lihuʻe farm lands for the last ten years. A rice farmer in Thailand, Pat orginally worked on a farm on Oʻahu. He sells coconuts, bananas, papayas, oranges, lemons, lime, salad greens, green onions, cilantro, basil, long beans, okra, carrots, beets, and bok choi.

Watchara Meephol

Watchara Meephol is the older brother of Sakda. They grew up farmers in Thailand and came to Hawaiʻi to work on commercial farms on Oʻahu. Moving to Kauaʻi to join his brother Sakda, Watchara has been farming in Lihu’e farm lands since 2007. Watchara and Chanida grow a wide assortment of vegetables and fruits.

Brydan Blackstad

Brydan has been a commercial fisherman for over 15 years after his career with Aloha Airlines came to an end. He bought his first boat in high school and has upgraded throughout the years as his family grew. A family affair -- as Brydan, his wife Janna, and children -- Brock and Jordyn -- sell akule, menpachi, papio, and uku.

Phaisan Ngamdee

Phaisan was a rice farmer in his home town in Thailand as well as a carpenter in Bangkok. He moved to Hawaii to work on Oahu farms, and eventually found his way to Kauai where he farms in Lihu’e. You will be impressed by his wide array of fresh produce grown by a one-man operation.

Joan Hudson

Joan and Eko have been working on their Kapaʻa farm for 20 years. They started out selling potted plants and flowers and have since evolved to selling ice cold coconuts, pineapple, and ginger. They also sell produce for smaller farms in the area.

Somphong "Pong" Janphet

Originally from Northeast Thailand, Pong came to Hawaii in 2004 to work on Oahu farms. He eventually relocated to Kaua’i, where he has his own farm on Grove Farm lands in Lihue. Visit Pong’s booth to see his abundant assortment of vegetables and fruits – and beautiful cauliflower!

Weerapon Phokee

Like many of the farmers, Weerapon puts in long, backbreaking hours tending to his farm on Grove Farm lands. Fortunately, his wife Aulaiporn and son Teerapon are at his side to help him sell the fruits of his labor at Puhi Park Produce. We would like to extend our congratulations to Teerapon who is a senior at Kauai High School and will attend the Kaua’i Community College.

Isobel Storch

Isobel Storch and daughter Bryna have operated Lanipō Farms in the Wāilua Homesteads area for ten years. Bryna is the farmer while Isobel is the baker in mother-daughter operation. Please stop by to see their assortment of delicious baked goods using their farm fresh produce.

Greg and Candace Askew

OnoPops is a local treat with over 75 flavors! OnoPops are made locally with fresh, natural ingredients from local sources. These refreshing treats are gluten free and low in sugar. With so many choices available, Greg will find something to please your palette!

Christi Tanner

Christie Tanner has been farming in Waimea Valley for three years. She grows a variety of fruits including guava, sour sop, citrus, and a unique fruit called abiu. She also sells dried pineapple, banana, and mango when in season.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a vendor?

You can fill out the Vendor Application Form to Grove Farm for review. You will be contacted within 48 hours. If accepted, you will receive your space number along with other documents with information about the market.

Where do I park?

You can park alongside the wall to the park off of Puhi Road, Leleiona Street, and Kikowaena.

Are pets allowed at the market?

Yes. Pets are allowed at the market only they are on a leash and you clean up after them.


With the closures of the island’s Sunshine Markets and the popular Kaua’i Community Market, there is a dire need to have a location for farmers and fishermen to sell their fresh produce and to have a safe alternative for residents to continue to get their locally grown fruits and vegetables. Plus, it helps to move Kaua’i to being more sustainable with our food.